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Are we getting a smell of Web 3.0?

March 9, 2008

It is going to happen or it may already have happened. The race for defining what is next after Web 2.0 i.e. Web 3.0, Web 4.0, etc. is on. I have seen various different sources starting to talk about the next generation of Web 2.0. This week an article in Newsweek – “Is User-Generated Content Out?” by Tony Dokoupil is certainly going to add more this debate. Especially because it is coming from a popular news-source like Newsweek.

Tony’s article talks about how there seems to be a growing need of having a layer of control over the increasingly unreliable user generated content which traditional Web 2.0 era is generating.

This article also alludes to the points I had raised in my blog few weeks back – “Social Aspects of Search Engines“. I had talked about how controlled and organized search are making their way.

While I am not sure if this is what is going to be called as Web 3.0, I agree with the issues associated with growing noise in the content out there on the internet and hence a definite editorial layer needs for the same. However, I think I will disagree with Mahalo founder Jason Calacanis whose premises behind all this seems to be that wisdom of crowd seems to have peaked. Not too sure if there are any buyers to this assumption.

[On the side note – Calacanis certainly seems to have a great knack of making hugely people-stirring statements. Especially considering how much of a blogger-world attack he has received on his latest blog-post titled “How to save money while running a startup?“]

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