Now this is an interesting idea, Sirji!

Few days back Washington Post reported about an interesting exercise conducted by MIT Researchers in the city of Seattle – “Researchers track 3000 pieces of Seattle trash” (Registration may be required). Immediately made me think – what an idea, Sirji!

I will let you all read the details of the exercise in the article. However, in summary, this exercise is about tracking where does different types of trash land up once it is tossed out of the house. The assumption behind this study is that we would probably look at our trash in a different way if we had some sense of what finally happens to it. This potentially might affect some changes to our habits of reusing or recycling. Many of us (including myself) today are blissful by the ignorance of how our trash finally affects the environment. May be this exercise might stir us to think in a different way.

I am looking forward to the findings.

[Update, Sep 17, 2009] New York Times also carried a story on the same topic today with lots of new details. You can read it here – “Following Trash and Recyclables on Their Journey“. (Registration may be required)

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