Weekly retrospectives and my two cents! [Feb 7 – Feb 13]

[Series which captures my thoughts/2 cents on the weekly take on the list of events/news/observations with some satire thrown in. Previous week’s retrospectives can be found here. Look forward to hearing your feedback.]

Sunday, February 7’th –

  • Counseling or Coaching for Sarah Palin? – With increasing number of appearances of Sarah Palin in the recent days, New York Times reported about how she seems to be increasing maneuvering herself to a potentially public office role in the coming future. It said and I quote “Ms. Palin has also enlisted a small team of policy counselors to guide her through the substantive areas in which many deemed her to be lacking in 2008.” Now, don’t you think there are few things which are odd in this statement? If things were my way – I would have made the following changes to the same statement. It should have read – “Ms. Palin has also enlisted a small huge team of policy counselors tutors to guide teach her through the substantive all areas in which many all deemed her to be lacking in 2008″.
  • Heinz Ketchup and the Backless gown – Two very important things seem to have gotten redesigned this week. First the ketchup sachet which was last designed about 40 years back got a new look with Heinz Ketchup’s Dip & Squeeze packet. Second – the good-old backless hospital gown seem to have gotten a makeover from world’s top designer. Someone did say – ” One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”.

Monday, February 8’th –

  • If you ever wanted to disappear for a while… – Universal Pictures is offering $10000 to contestants who can completely disappear for a month. According to them only one person has been somewhat successful in doing so and that too only for 25 days – a writer by the name of Evan Ratliff. Universal Pictures also mentioned that in the recent months they received applications from people like Tiger Woods, NBC Executives, but unfortunately they could not accommodate them.

Wednesday, February 10’th –

  • What is common between Toyota and Tiger Woods? – Why Toyota probably would never be the same again. Because its brand was modeled around ‘state of mind around perfection and trust’  but unfortunately it did not have the preparedness to handle doubt, dismay or the obliteration of trust. Remember someone by the name of Tiger Woods?
  • Airline Industry’s growing hospitality – American Airlines yesterday made an announcement that they would now start charging $8 for a blanket and the pillow. This after they had already started charging extra for luggage, water, peanuts, being over-weight, and a list of other things. Marketplace carried a funny article today wondering what else can airlines charge for. Here is one I can imagine which can come up next – charging for the use of safety belt.

Thursday, February 11’th –

  • R.I.P. – Former US Representative from Texas, Charlie Wilson who inspired the 2007 Tom Hanks starer – Charlie Wilson’s War – passed away today. He was largely credited for inspiring and backing the Afghan Mujaheddin in their battle to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan. He was equivalently vocal about America’s misgivings in Afghanistan post the Russian pullout which finally resulted in the birth of what is today the modern-day Talibans.

Friday, February 12’th –

Saturday, February 13’th –

  • Coming Soon – Mumbai does not belong to Maharashtra Campaign – Looking at the past history of flip-flopping/opportunism from Shiv Sena and the way Mumbai has responded to their hooliganism yesterday – I wouldn’t be too surprised if Sena decides to move out of Mumbai and now start a new agitation demanding that Mumbai should no longer be part of Maharashtra.
  • Shiv Sena’s 40 year Report Card – And while we are at the topic of Shiv Sena – you may want to have a look and evaluate their progress chart over the last 40 years –
Shiv Sena Progress Chart

Shiv Sena Progress Chart - Gradual climb and a steep fall

Thats a wrap for this week. I will be back next week with another one in this series. Until then, have a great week ahead. In the meanwhile – don’t forget to check out the previous editions of the weekly retrospectives.

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