About Me..

  • Scan around my blog and you will get to know more about me..
  • While you are here, you may want to say hello to my beautiful thing..
  • I am now a full-time entrepreneur. My company – Stelling Technologies specializes in looking at and coming up with innovative solutions addressing the needs of increasingly mobile world. Solutions which harnesses the power of Mobility, Information, Intelligence, and Interoperability is what excites me and my colleagues at Stelling Technologies.
  • Prior to the above, I was employed by GlobalLogic – a firm specializing in Outsourced Product Engineering.
  • Some of personal professional milestones I would always cherish –

A standard disclaimer which applies to all of the postings on my Blog –
All the views expressed on this blog are mine. It may or may not reflect the views of my employers – current or the past.

2 Responses to “About Me..”

  1. Healthcare System in India seems to be at a crossroad! «Asia Health Care Blog Says:

    […] Posted By Manish Rathi […]

  2. B Says:

    Your site is awesome. Been doing lots of research lately and you’re site has been coming in the first 10 listings of Google searches.
    Been reading you for a while, you explain things very well.
    Please keep up the informativeness.
    Toronto, Canada

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