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The Greatest Manhunt of World War II

June 1, 2008

Slate is carrying a very interesting photo essay on one Herman Perry – who was an African American World War II Soldier and became a fugitive after shooting down one of his white commanding officer. This essay titled as “The Greatest Manhunt of World War II” is based on a book – “Now the Hell will Start” written by Brendan I. Koerner. Herman Perry was positioned in Burma to build a road connecting from Assam in India to borders of China through Burma. After he shot one of his officer, he escaped into the jungles of Assam and took shelter with the Naga tribes. He infact became one of them and lived with them for many years (married the daughter of the head of the tribe) until he was caught.

The essay describes how much active US forces were on the Indian soil during the World War II. How many lives just get lost just to follow some fancies of the superiors. It is also so amazing that such unique historical stories can get so easily lost.

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Documenting the Indian Partition History

March 12, 2008

An interesting article in Washington Post today which talks about the growing attempts and increasing urgency in documenting the history associated with Indian Partition in and around 1947. (Registration may be required for the link)

Partition is an extremely painful yet unwritten epic which is part of Indian History now. It is or it can certainly be counted as part of Top 5 modern-age worst human disasters. For ages, there seem to have been a tendency amongst many to keep mum about the subject rather than confronting the ghosts of the past. The generation which went through it and experienced it is now fast depleting. Hopefully this exercise will record their pain and encourage them to speak of their sufferings before they move on to the oblivion.

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