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2010 and what it could possibly hold for me…

January 15, 2010

Like few other instances before – ever since I started blogging – I am now once again back from the hiatus away from blogging. It was not a planned one. It just happened like the other previous breaks I had taken. I have now realized that these periodic breaks are now part of the blogging routine.

Lots of things happened in this break. Did some traveling around; had to execute some work-related deliverables; attended some family chores; and tackled few things on the personal front. While all these were happening, I managed to get lots of reading done on few topics which had been occupying me since the last few months. (surely I will be writing about the same over the next few months). And on top of that – we all also moved into the new decade. Being a person who has quite a bit of interest on historical aspects of things around, spent some time in doing some reflection on the decade which just passed – where it started and how it ended. My personal thoughts – both from the world affairs perspective and personal perspective – I think the past decade was quite an intense decade. It will be remembered for many different things for long time to come.

Now that we are in 2010 – belated happy New Year to all the readers of my blog. Hope the New Year brings in (or has already brought) the best in health and prosperity for you and your loved ones. As for me – I am excited about the prospects for this New Year.

The Past Decade and 2010 (src -

The Past Decade and 2010 (img src -

On the professional front – over the last 3-4 quarters it has been in some sense ‘back-to-school‘ time for me. Learning new businesses/domains/roles and conglomerating it with my past experience/expertise has been extremely enriching. There are few very interesting things which I (along with few others) have been trying to understand and work upon and hopefully should see some fruition this year.

Interestingly when I was introspecting on the past decade as I mentioned above, I also realized something. This year I am also going to leave my ‘thirties‘ behind! I have always had an opinion that leaving behind a decade in our lives is always a different feeling. Few of my friends also felt the same way. Somewhere down there everyone gets that ticklish feeling. I still remember the morning I got up and realized that I have left my ‘twenties‘ behind. Someone at that time had quipped – “from now onwards your body will have a mind of its own“. It was probably a quote and it took me some time to understand what it meant. Now that I am leaving my ‘thirties‘ behind – I am taking a lot of heart from the following quote attributed to Arthur Schopenhauer

“The first forty years of our life give the text; the next thirty furnishes the commentary upon it, which enables us rightly to understand the true meaning and connection of the text with its moral and its beauties”.

So cheers to the ‘morals‘ and ‘beauties‘ of the life – here I come!

This year I was also thinking about trying out few new things on my blog. Few readers of my blog – while they have appreciated my thoughts and arguments on topics which I have been writing till date – have also felt that is probably too intense and some lightening-up of it would be interesting. After a bit more prodding with them, I realized that they were probably referring that I should also write more about more personal and lighter/day-to-day aspects of life. So here are some of the ideas I am thinking about –

  • Write about a quick take on a weekly or fortnightly basis about my take on list of events/news/observations with a satirical angle – possibly Jerry Seinfeld style. I do have a tendency to have one-liner metaphorical quips ready for many things which I see in life. So make use that skill/habit.
  • Regularly talk about few mundane things in life – politics, sports, entertainment, etc. which I indulge in.

Let me start with these two things and see how it goes. There are always chances of making the corrections.

Once again – a very Happy New Year to you all!

[Update|Feb. 1st 2010 – At the start of this blog, I had mentioned about the past decade being an intense one. Phillip Niemeyer, Art Director at Double Triple has done a wonderful job in putting and summarizing the last decade in pictures. Check it out at the New York Times link – “Picturing the last 10 years“]

Time away from Blogs…

February 15, 2008

It has been some time since I have blogged. Last few weeks have been crazy in terms of giving finishing touches to the Version 1.0 offering which I along with a team are trying to roll out at GlobalLogic. Things seems to have relaxed a bit now and hopefully I will start paying some attention to my blogs now.

On the side note – it certainly felt good when all the hard work put in by the team was appreciated in the blogging world.

About me..

January 5, 2008

Just a quick introduction about me. Who I am and what my interest topics are can certainly be figured by roaming around my blog (once it takes some shape ofcourse). So I won’t go into that. By profession, I am a software technologist and have been in this business for more than 20 years. Have played varied roles – Research Scientist, Developer, QA, Product Management, Software Delivery Management, and now I am full-time entrepreneur. My varied types of roles do not seem to be my own doing; however more driven from what my organization needs have been at that particular time. And ofcourse personally I do not like myself moulded into something specific.

Over the last few months, I feel that I am on to something very interesting and special. More about that in the next few blogs..

I am on..

January 4, 2008

It has been similar to my wishlist of going to gym one of these days. That is the first thing that gets dropped when something else needs my attention. Blogging also has been one of those things. Been thinking, been advising everyone else to do it, but it took me some time personally. But the good part is now I AM ON!

Look forward to sharing more of my thought process with you all. I can assure (and those who know me would vouch for that) you that it is going to come straight from my heart.