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Weekly retrospectives and my two cents! [Feb 14 – Feb 20]

February 22, 2010

[Series which captures my thoughts/2 cents on the weekly take on the list of events/news/observations with some satire thrown in. Previous week’s retrospectives can be found here. Look forward to hearing your feedback.]

Sunday, February 14’th –

  • Politicians may not like this new research finding – Next time politicians feel good when they see their fan-following, it may not be that much because of their charisma. Whether individual’s are politically a Left’ist or a Right’ist; a Conservative or a Liberal; Democrat or a Republic; Congress or BJP sider – the new research from University of Nebraska-Lincoln says that it might have less to do with which party has the best agenda but more to do with the wiring of the individual’s brain.
  • Way to go.. Barbie!!! – And Information Technology (IT) people would soon have something to feel good and cheer about. After appearing in more than 125 career lines – Barbie is now donning the role of Computer Engineer. Her costume and accessories (which includes a t-shirt with binary codes, laptop, smartphone, bluetooth, etc.) has been specially designed by Society of Women Engineers and the National Academy of Engineering.

Monday, February 15’th –

  • Even Waste Management Inc. could not handle this particular trashWaste Management Inc. – leading provider of comprehensive trash and waste management services –  is seeking $500M as damages from SAP for failing to implement the ERP project for them. Waste Management is claiming that the software which SAP had implemented was the worst form of ‘waste‘ they had ever seen in all their years of existence and the entire collective brain power in the organization could not come up with ideas to how to ‘manage’ such a ‘waste’!
  • Mathematically proven – “Enemy’s enemy is my friend” – Well, we all had heard about this enemy’s enemy hypothesis; probably believed in it; and some of us may have experimented with it too. But now Steven Strogatz, Professor of Applied Mathematics at Cornell University has mathematically proven it in his article “The Enemy of my enemy” published in New York Times. Turns out that the proof was pretty simple. (-1) x (-1) = (+1)

Tuesday, February 16’th –

  • Let us give finger-pointing a break, Mr. Advani! – Mr. L. K. Advani in his recent blog post blamed ex-Prime Minster Jawaharlal Nehru for the existing challenges which India is having with its neighbors – Pakistan and China. Breaking news, Mr. Advani, it has been more than 45 years since Mr. Nehru passed away!. Does Mr. Advani know what and all has happened in these 45 years – German wall came down, Soviets disappeared, EU was formed, BJP grew and shrunk, Indian Test Cricket team is Numero Uno, and Michael Jackson is no more. In short, it has been a life-time! Like all other departed ones, let Nehru – with all his wisdom and blunders – rest in peace. Along the same lines – IMO, it would be extremely unfortunate and too simplistic view if 50 years from today we solely blame Mr. Advani for being the chief architect for the communal divide in the country which could possibly be prevalent at that time. Now you wouldn’t disagree with me on this point, would you, Mr. Advani?

Wednesday, February 17’th –

  • Formula to get mileage of 4,704,280 per gallon – National Public Radio (NPR) carried a funny yet interesting article today comparing who gives the better mileage – the cars or the bees? Needless to say, the story titled “Bee Vs. Car: Who Gets More Miles per Gallon” is a simplification of many unconsidered assumptions. However, imagine if this could even be about 10-15% true – my guess is that the way the politicians would not have liked the above mentioned research; big oil companies won’t be too happy with this finding too.
  • Can we express our pain through humor? – In theory the answer for this is always yes; but we rarely get an opportunity to see or sense that. Well, this week I got an opportunity to sense/feel that. Yesterday, Fresh Air from NPR carried the book excerpt from recently published Carol Leifer book – “When You Lie About Your Age, The Terrorists Win: Reflections on Looking in the Mirror“. Carol Leifer is a renowned stand-up comedian and all Seinfeld fans (like me) would remember her for some famous episodes which scripted – The Lip Reader, The Hamptons being some of the famous ones. Carol, in the way she could do the best, have written a funny yet heart-breaking eulogy for her father who recently seems to have passed away. Here is the excerpt –

“Every year, I sent my father the same thing, his favorite gift for his birthday. A box of Godiva chocolate-covered nuts. Big emphasis on the nuts. Because, as he was not shy of saying as he unwrapped the cellophane to grab the first piece, “Creams? They’re a waste of time.” But this year is the first year I have no place to send anything. See, that’s the thing that truly sucks about death — no forwarding address!”

Friday, February 19’th –

  • Re-branding of Global Warming –  Thomas Friedman – who in the recent months have become quite vocal supporter of the Global Warming control initiatives – wrote a very interesting op-ed column in NY Times titled “Global Weirding is Here“. In the recent months, the skeptics (and there is a huge population of them, BTW) of Global Warming have been toning up their resistance taking advantage of some screw-ups from some Environmentalists and also particularly cold/snowy weather across many parts of the world. Taking a clue from Mr. Friedman – here is my 2 cents. How about re-branding GW i.e. Global Warming to another GW i.e. Global Wierding? All we have to say that the recent revelations have proved that Global Warming is no longer a possible phenomenon but slowly leak out the news that Scientists have now started to see the Global Weirding phenomenon.

Thats a wrap for this week. I will be back next week with another one in this series. Until then, have a great week ahead. In the meanwhile – don’t forget to check out the previous editions of the weekly retrospectives.