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Attention Dear Spammers – How about discovering a life for yourself?

September 19, 2008

Over the last few months, my blog seem to have caught attention of spammers. It has been an ardent task for me to go through many comments which are posted on my blog and filter out the un-necessary ones.

I am assuming here that the spam on the blogs are done by some real people – who are already sick and tired of their life – and not by some automated bots.  If my assumption is true – here is my sincere request and appeal to all of them if they happen to read this post. Stay away from my blog.

I am keen in keeping in my blogs simple with just a simple aim of using it as a platform to express my thoughts and communicate with folks who have an opinion on my opinion. I do not intend to call myself as a professional blogger. Also, I am very keen in keeping my blogs free of commericals or advertisements. (Hence you would not see a “Google Adwords” embedded here. )

So, my dear spammers, try to get another life while you already have one. You may think that your trick about engaging with my posts by adding comments like “I agree with you“, “great post“, and then pointing to a spam URL, is smart. But that is so Second Grade‘ish, IMO. I am sure you are smarter than that. Also, I personally do not see much difference between what you guys and the faceless terrorists are doing out there. They attack the regular lives of people by hiding and so do you. Simple!

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